Dr. Zhenhua Wu


Professor at Virginia State University


Research Areas

Smart Manufacturing, Automation, Product Life Cycle Engineering



Zhenhua (David) Wu, Ph.D., currently an Associate Professor in Manufacturing Engineering at the College of Engineering and Technology, is the Director for the Cybermanufacturing Laboratory, at Virginia State University (VSU). As a dedicated researcher, his research is supported by NSF, ONR, ARO, NASA, VSU CAREO, and industrial sponsors in the areas of smart manufacturing, automation, sustainable manufacturing, and product life cycle engineering. His research outcomes have been extensively published and cited in the leading journals and conferences in manufacturing field.

During his tenure at VSU, over 20 undergraduate students have received rigorous research training in his research program. His students have won many prestigious prizes including, the Second Place at the 2015 WBHR-LSAMP Research Symposium, the Runner Up at the 2017 NIST-NSF-ASTM-ASME Reusable Abstractions of Manufacturing Processes (RAMP) competition, and the Third Place at the 2019 Research Symposium of the Association of 1890 Research Directors (ARD Research Symposium), etc. Most of the student researchers upon graduation received employment from Deloitte, Newport News Shipbuilding, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Huntington Ingalls, and etc.


Recent Publications

  1. Zhenhua Wu, "Empirical Modeling for Processing Parameters' Effects on Coating Properties in Plasma Spraying Process", Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 19, 1-13, 2015
  2. Zhenhua Wu, Ramnath Sekar, Sheng-jen Hsieh, “Study of Factors Impacting Remote Fault Diagnosis Performance on a PLC Based Automated System”, submitted to “Journal of Manufacturing Systems”, accept pending minor revision
  3. Zhenhua Wu, Sheng Hu, Fujie Zhou “Prediction of Stress Intensity Factors in Pavement Cracking with Neural Networks based on Semi-analytical FEA”, Expert System with Applications, 41, 1021-1030, 2014
  4. Ramnath Sekar, Sheng-jen Hsieh, Zhenhua Wu, “Remote Diagnosis Design For a PLC Based Automated System: 2 Performance Evaluation For Architectures”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 65:1091–1109, 2013
  5. Zhenhua Wu, Sheng-Jen Hsieh, Jianzhi Li, " Optimal Sensor Deployment Strategy Considering Multiple-attributes and Heterogeneous Sensors for Fault Diagnosis", Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing 29, pp. 192-208, 2013