Dr. Jianzhi Li


Professor at UTRGV


Research Areas

Additive Manufacturing, Composite Materials, Laser Material Processing


Dr. James Li, is the Professor and the Olegario Vazquez Rana Endowed Fellow of Manufacturing Engineering, at UTRGV. He has 30+ years of leadership and research experiences in the areas of advanced manufacturing and materials, focusing on laser material processing, additive manufacturing, process modelling and optimization, composite materials, sustainable manufacturing and logistics. He also has 8 years of industrial experiences including business incubation and serving as chief technology director. As the director of the consortium, Dr. Li supports research, innovation and education programs at five consortium institutions to support talent needs in Defense Manufacturing. Dr. Li is also the director of UTRGV Biomanufacturing Research Lab and the Advanced Additive Manufacturing Lab. Dr. Li has maintained a distinguished scholarly record, while devoting strong efforts to developing programs that benefit the institution and the manufacturing community at large. In various roles, he has conducted research/development projects with more than $11 million in grants supported by DoD, DOE, DOL, NSF, and Texas ATP/ARP. His research also includes numerous industry projects sponsored by industry partners such as Dell, Caterpillar, GE, BD, ALPS automotive and others.

Selected Publications

  1. Wenlin Ye, Shanshan Zhang, Lazaro Mendez, Mathew Farias, Jianzhi Li, Ben Xu, Peisheng Li, and Ying Zhang. "Numerical simulation of the melting and alloying processes of elemental titanium and boron powders using selective laser alloying," Journal of Manufacturing Processes 64, (2021): 1235--1247.
  2. Abu Musa Abdullah, Alejandro Flores, Aminur Chowdhury, Jianzhi Li, and Mohammed Uddin. "Synthesis and fabrication of self-sustainable triboelectric energy case for powering smart electronic devices," Nano Energy 73, (2020): 104774 .
  3. Aminur Chowdhury, Abu Abdullah, Ulises Romero, Serena Danti, Jianzhi Li, Mohammed Uddin, "Decentralized triboelectric electronic health monitoring flexible microdevice," Med Dev Sensor (2020): e10103.
  4. Jianzhi Li. "Grow Local Manufacturing along US/Mexico Border Region for an Integrated Supply Chain in the Post COVID-19 Era," Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems 4, no. 3 (November 2020): 269-275.
  5. Jose Jara, Hiram Moya, and Jianzhi Li. "Reducing Wait Times at Laredo POE through CBP Officer Staffing," Proceedings of the 2020 IISE Annual Conference, 2020, October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 2020.